Tech-Talk #4: Balz's signature Medusa PRO 909
The new front wing bearing Balz's name has come...
Tech-Talk #3: Medusa PRO 769 & 869
Who's ready for Tech Talk #3? Today we will talk about two of our most beloved products...
Tech-Talk #2: Torpedo, the ONE board
Here we are for the second episode of Sabfoil’s Tech-Talks, featuring...
Tech-Talk #1: Razor PRO 975, a downwind machine
In this first episode, we introduce you to the brand new Sabfoil Razor PRO 975, the largest hydrofoil in its range. What's special about it? It is a downwind machine with an incredible speed range.
Hydrofoil whistling? How to sand your hydrofoil and solve this problem
Have you ever, while on your hydrofoil, heard an humming sound that sometimes becomes a whistle? Fear not, there is a solution!