Replaced by CP02K/Ti

CP02K - Sabfoil Carbon Rail Plate KMS

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Discontinued Replaced by CP02K/Ti

Sabfoil Carbon Rail Plate KMS

CP02K | Carbon Kraken Mast Plate

Carbon plate for Masts of the Kraken Modular System range

System Kraken Modular System
Material Carbon
Mast-Board Connection Rail Tracks

The CP02K Carbon Kraken Plate was born as an upgrade of its aluminum counterpart (P02K)

Find out more in our official video presentation at this link.

The weight of the plate has been lowered by over 200g (-30% compared to the aluminum version), thus reducing the overall weight of the mast by about 10% while maintaining all the mechanical properties and robustness of the system.

The Kraken Mast Plate is one of the modular connection systems for masts, together with its tuttle counterpart (T04K). The strong point of this system is its modularity, as it is always possible to use your mast both with plate and with tuttle.

The Kraken Plate also allows you to upgrade your set-up with the Quick Release System (Q01K), thanks to which you can assemble and disassemble your hydrofoil in seconds, without losing the configuration on the board.


If you already use the Quick Release System with the aluminum plate (P02K), you will need to modify the setup in order to use it with the carbon plate (CP02K). Please follow the instructions you can find in the manual available for download on this page

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Connection System
Kraken Modular System

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CP02K | Quick Release System Set-up