FK647 - Fuselage 647 T6 | IKA Youth Foil Class

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Fuselage 647 T6 | IKA Youth Foil Class


Length: 647 mm

Front Wing Conn. Type: T6

Mast Conn. System: 2021

Mast-Fuselage Connection 2021
Wing-Fuselage Connection T6
Certifications IKA - Youth Foil Class

The FK647 fuselage is designed to minimize hydraulic structure resistance and increase performance for kitesurfing.

It is CNC shaped to have the smoothest surface possible and then subjected to a 50 microns hard elox surface treatment to improve corrosion resistance.

Always keep the threaded holes clean and lubricate them often using lithium grease (code MHW033) to avoid and prevent oxidation and corrosion due to seawater. Always clean your fuselage with fresh water after use

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Fuselage - Length
647 mm
Stabilizer Incidence Angle
Mast Connection System
Front Wing Connection Type

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