KO945-425/83 - Sabfoil Onda 945-425/83 | Hydrofoil Set

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Sabfoil Onda 945-425/83 | Hydrofoil Set


M83K/PF - WO945/PF - S425/PF - F663K

Bag and Q02K included

Sabfoil Onda 945-425/83 | Hydrofoil Set specs

Range Onda
Recommended for Surf - Wave - Freeride
Take Off Speed 10 - 12 kn
Top End Speed (average 80kg user) 19 - 21 kn

This hydrofoil set is a versatile product designed for surfers who want to tackle medium-power waves in low wind conditions, but who also want to be able to do wingfoil sessions.

The front wing (WO945/PF) boasts a medium aspect ratio, flat profile, and relatively high surface area, offering a balanced combination of maneuverability and lift, still providing a discrete speed. This allows surfers to carve, accelerate, and stay on top of the wave's crest with ease. The mast (M83K/PF) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth ride without sacrificing stiffness. The flat stabilizer (S425/PF) provides excellent maneuverability.

Whether you are a novice surfer or an expert looking for a high-performance product, the KO945-425/83 will give you a versatile and fun surfing experience.

Bag and Titanium Quick Release System (Q02K) included

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Front Wing - Span
945 mm
Front Wing - Surface
1300 cm2
Front Wing - Volume
1499 cm3
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio
Front Wing - Root Chord
190 mm
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness
19,5 mm
Stabilizer - Span
425 mm
Stabilizer - Surface
266 cm2
Stabilizer - Volume
145 cm3
Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio
Stabilizer - Root Chord
78 mm
Stabilizer - Maximum Thickness
9,5 mm
Fuselage - Length
663 mm
Mast - Height
830 mm
Mast - Board Connection
Carbon Plate
Foil Set - Weight (ca.)
4,23 kg


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