Payment methods

Sabfoil accepts all types of payment. Choose the one that suits you best!


Prefer to pay the entire balance at checkout easily, quickly and securely? Here are the options we offer you.


Use any credit or debit card through the Stripe payment portal. Enter your card information and your country, and you're done.


Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the Paypal payment portal: cards, wire transfers, Paypal credit, and more.


Once you have completed your order, you will be sent an e-mail with the details to make the bank transfer. This method may generate some delay in shipping because Sabfoil will have to wait to receive the bank payment before processing the order.


Only for shipments in Italy, you can pay directly to the courier upon delivery.


Craving your Sabfoil? Take your time to pay for what you love! Here are our installment payment services and the methods provided.


With Scalapay, you can purchase in 3 convenient, interest-free monthly installments.

You can use this method for payments up to € 2,000 in the following countries: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal.


Use Klarna to buy what you want by making payment in installments or deferring it.

This service is valid for purchases up to € 3,000 and conditions vary depending on the country you are buying from:

  • Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Portugal - payment in 3 monthly installments without interest

  • Germany, Austria, Finland - variable number of monthly installments depending on your needs, or deferred payment

  • Belgium - deferred payment