F702P - Fuselage Piuma 702 T8/R6

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Fuselage Piuma 702 T8/R6


Length: 702 mm

Front Wing Conn. Type: T8

Mast Conn. System: R6

Recommended for Wave - Prone Surf - Freeride - Surf - Downwind
Mast-Fuselage Connection R6
Wing-Fuselage Connection T8
Stabilizer-Fuselage Connection Standard

The F702P is our T8 Piuma fuselage, for anyone who wants to surf or downwind with larger Sabfoil front wings.

The new Piuma fuselages line has been designed to be extremely lightweight and elegant, offering maximum performance and a feeling of freedom while surfing.

Thanks to the R6 connection to the mast, these fuselages offer minimum weight and a great flow while riding. T8 front wing connection ensures compatibility with our larger wave/surf Onda and Medusa line.

Each fuselage is processed directly in our factory with numerical control machines starting from premium aluminum, then it is subjected to a deep anodizing treatment by certified partners. Piuma models come with the Graphite Deep Anodization.

***The Piuma Fuselage line is designed to provide maximum lightness for standard surf, downwind, and freeride use. The lightweight and slim design favors this type of use but makes them unsuitable for uses where they are subject to extreme stresses such as freestyle.

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Fuselage - Length
702 mm
Fuselage - Stabilizer Angle
Fuselage - Material
Fuselage - Surface Treatment
Graphite Deep Anodization
Fuselage - Weight
860 g
Fuselage - Mast Connection System
Fuselage - Front Wing Connection Type

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