C73730K - M73K - W730 - S370 - F703K - CP02K

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M73K - W730 - S370 - F703K - CP02K

Hydrofoil Set C73730K- Full Carbon Plate | KMS

Recommended for Surf and Wave

M73K - W730 - S370 - F703K - CP02K specs

Mast Connection System Kraken Modular System
Disciplines Surf
Recommended for Surf - Wave

This kit with full-carbon plate is ideal for Surf-Foil, and in particular for Wave.

Thanks to the Kraken Modular System connection system, maximum compatibility with all components of the same SABFOIL range is guaranteed, so that you can upgrade your setup at any time, without any problems.

The kit C73730K consists of:

  • Mast: M73K - 730 mm

  • Front Wing: W730 - 1050 cm2

  • Stabilizer: S370 - 195 cm2

  • Fuselage: F703K - 703 mm

  • Mast Plate: CP02K

It is possible to upgrade your kit thanks to the Quick Release System (Q01K) patented by SABFOIL and sold separately. Thanks to it you can assemble and disassemble your hydrofoil in a few seconds, avoiding at the same time losing the configuration on the board.

Click here for more information about Kraken Modular System

Dimensions & Advanced specs
Mast - Height 730 mm
Front Wing - Span 730 mm
Front Wing - Surface 1050 cm2
Front Wing - Root Chord 170 mm
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 5
Stabilizer - Span 370 mm
Stabilizer - Surface 195 cm2
Stabilizer - Root Chord 67,5 mm
Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio 7
Fuselage - Length 703 mm
Board Connection Type Carbon Plate

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