S72C790 - Kit M72C - W790 - S450 - F700-HS

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Kit M72C - W790 - S450 - F700-HS

S72C790: the surf and winging set for medium wind.

Kit M72C - W790 - S450 - F700-HS specs

Disciplines Surf - Wing
Recommended for Freeride - Freestyle - Principianti

The unique design of this foil allows you to surf small waves. Its top-end speed and stability make this wing ideal for use with a windwing in 15+ knots conditions

The self-controlled lift, due to the advanced inverted gull wing design, will make you thrilled while riding.

The mast M72C guarantees rigidity and precision in all kind of manoeuvre. The mast profile guarantees high stiffness and torsion resistance, allowing you to use it with the largest wings available on the market.

This kit provides the performance of a full-carbon kit at a highly competitive price.

Always keep the threaded holes of the fuselage clean and lubricate them often using lithium grease (code MHW033) to avoid and prevent oxidation and corrosion due to seawater. Always clean your fuselage with fresh water after use

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Dimensions & Advanced specs
Base Plate Joint 90 x 165
Mast Height 720 mm
Front Wing Span 790 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 246 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 4.3
Front Wing Surface 1550 cm2
Stabilizer Span 450 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 85 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 6.22
Stabilizer Surface 326 cm2
Kit Weight 3815 g [±5%]

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