B14 - Sabfoil 14L Kite Foilboard | Hydrofoil Board

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Sabfoil 14L Kite Foilboard | Hydrofoil Board

Carbon Board - 14 L

Connection system: Rails

Disciplines Kite

The B14 is a 14-liter full carbon board ideal for kitefoil, very practical, agile and with a double rail connection system.

Its five holes guarantee ample possibilities for adjusting the footstraps. When used without footstraps, its beveled guides and low volume will allow you to sink the edge of the board for easy take off.

Its size makes this board perfect for traveling.

The B14 offers maximum control in any situation: freestyle, wave riding, pumping or simple cruising.

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Dimensions & Advanced specs
Board - Length
1080 mm
Board - Width
450 mm
Board - Thickness
40 mm
Board - Liters
14 L
Mast Connection Type